Grapple Truck Services

Grapple Truck Services

  • Golf Course vegetation removal with Grapple Truck

  • Debris Pickup for Lawn Service/Land Clearing Companies

  • Residential Bulk Pick up

  • Roll-off Containers available (10 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards, and 40 yards)

Debris Dog offers a 50-yard Grapple truck for pickup service, and if you need bulk pickups of more than 50 yards, we offer a 125-yard walking Floor trailer to pick up a total of 175 yards of material in one shot.

Whether you are a Golf Course needing debris removed, a Lawn Service or Land Clearing company needing site cleanup, or a homeowner needing debris picked up, Debris Dog can give you the needed services.

Another option for you or your company is a Roll-off Dumpster container (10 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards, and 40 yards)

Removal Service includes materials

  • Vegetation/Land Clearing Debris

  • Trash

  • Dirt/Rock

  • Concrete

Land Clearing

Debris Dog’s land clearing services in S. Florida will take care of all your land clearing needs, whether 1 acre or 100-acre, Debris Dog will handle everything from clearing the land to removing all debris.

Land Clearing

Residential Property Cleanup

Unlike some of those other land clearing services in South Florida, Debris dog will give you an affordable quote for your land clearing and removal. If you plan on clearing your lot to build a new home, call Debris Dog for a no-obligation quote. The team will give you the best land-clearing services quote in Florida, and stick to it, and best of all, once the debris has been removed, the team will help you get the land ready with organic soil to help your garden grow.

More Than Land Clearing

Much more than a land clearing service in South Florida, Debris Dog is a bulk trash removal company. When you work with a company that knows how to get the work done on time and within budget, you can feel confident about bulk trash removal in South Florida.

When it comes to debris and trash removal, you want the best, and that is where Debris Dog comes in! You will not find a better deal anywhere for land clearing services in South Florida. Once you work with our reputable team, you will not go anywhere else for your land clearing services. Debris Dog is committed to providing you with the safest and highest quality land clearing service!

Golf Courses

Golf Courses

Vegetation Pickup and Removal

Debris Dog handles all of your golf courses' vegetative debris removal needs. Our bulk pickup service offers 50-yard grapple trucks and 125-yard walking Floor trailers. We can clean out your weekly vegetation piles competitively and with your expected quality.

Onsite Grinding & Mulching

Another service Debris Dog offers for maintenance is onsite grinding with a Bandit 4680 Horizontal Grinder. This service offers you to recycle your vegetation trimming into mulch for around your course and preserve areas with onsite grinding. This service saves you money on your yearly mulching needs.

Screening Material

Debris Dog can screen all unwanted plug material from your golf course into useable quality topsoil.

Vegetation Grinding and Screening

Debris Dog is your one-stop shop for vegetation grinding and screening!

We can handle large construction sites, big land clearings, and more. We bring our equipment to your site and can grind various materials such as wood and wood waste, vegetation and vegetation waste, tree stumps, and more!

We also haul waste from the grinding and can handle huge jobs.

We also deal in vegetation screening – we can come to your site and screen to meet your demand!

Vegetation Grinding and Screening
Hurricane Cleanup

Hurricane Cleanup

Debris Dog offers immediate hurricane, tornado, and storm cleanup, which is imperative after a disaster.

Natural disasters can strike any moment, and Debris Dog will clean up the mess when a storm hits.

Some of the Hurricane Cleanup Services offered by Debris Dog include:

  • Debris Removal with Grapple truck 50 yards and 125 yards walking Floor trailers

  • Construction Debris Removal (non-hazardous debris transported to SWA)

  • Road and Right of way clean up

  • Commodity Salvage and Reclamation

  • Debris Removal

Contact us today if you need immediate hurricane, tornado, or storm cleanup.

Organic Soil

When it comes to your landscaping, the soil must always come first, and if you are landscaping your commercial or residential property, Debris Dog can help by giving you the organic foundation you need to help your plants, trees, and ground cover grow.

Debris Dog uses an organic approach when it comes to both soil and plant care. Debris Dog can help your landscaping thrive; all you have to do is make the call.

Organic Soil
Garbage Screening

Garbage Screening

Debris Dog is the only company to call for effective garbage screening, and if you need garbage screening for your soil or to separate your recyclables from your trash, Debris Dog can help.

Landfills are quickly filling up and are no longer the only option for your trash. Recycling is so important, and if you are throwing the good out with the bad, it is time to call for a no-obligation garbage screening quote.

Let the professionals take care of your Garbage Screening!

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